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Driving efficiencies in logistics

With cloud-based transportation & logistics software from the Transporeon Group

Why digitize your logistics management? To drive efficiencies such as lower costs and higher productivity with real-time visibility, process automation, and our one-web-plug simplicity - we offer a singular shipper connection to a world of carriers.

RFP Management

This logistics bid invitation process is simple and successful – a method by which you can procure freight services at a moment’s notice, achieving the best freight rates (up to 19% reduction) with lower admin costs (up to 30% reduction). 

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Rate Management

With just too many variables and too many facets to your organization, this product helps to keep everything under control, establishing a single centralized database of rates, surcharges, transportation options, and contracts.

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Shipment Execution

Everyone needs to work off the same page as decisions must be based on the same criteria. Using the flagship TRANSPOREON transportation management platform, this product allows you to specify two different approaches: a no-touch or best-carrier order.

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Dock Scheduling

You know when you have loading capacity…and you know when you don’t! To ensure shipments leave and/or turn up at the right time avoiding detention charges, this product puts you in control – define your capacities and see these displayed in a graphical overview.

Solutions for retailer

Solutions for manufacturer

Real Time Visibility by Sixfold

Want transparency in end-to-end supply chain? Real Time Visibility by Sixfold delivers live tracking, ETAs, alerts and more.

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Mobile Order Management

Everyone needs to know what’s going on. This product lets you track order status in real time. With this detailed information, you’ll be able to offer more proactive levels of customer service and cut complaints by up to 30%.

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Continuous improvement can be challenging. One highly effective way to boost logistics performance is to measure it using reliable real-time KPI (key performance indicator) data, presented in the form of graphical dashboards and formal text-based reports.

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Freight Bill Audit

You want to adequately and accurately control your transportation expenditure, and you may think that this complex set of tasks is best handled by a subcontractor. But with this product, we provide a popular and proven alternative to outsourcing. 

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ERP integration

ERP solutions are powerful tools, but have weaknesses in certain special areas - such as transport logistics. Transporeon complements your ERP system and provides optimal support for your logistics processes.

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