Transporeon was able to provide us with the end-to-end supply chain solution we needed from a single source, plus integration with our existing ERP system.

Supply Chain Manager,
Chemical Production Company

Our cloud-based platform supports logistics processes of the chemical industry

Companies that are operating in today’s chemical industries face many different logistics challenges. The chemical supply chain can be long, volatile, and highly complex. Mistakes during handling and transportation can have serious impact. Also, the sensitive nature of your products makes robust tracking essential. And public image – which is improved or impaired by logistics performance – is a crucial success factor for your organization.
With a large number of partners integrated into our transportation cloud, we are able to provide unique insight into supply chain best practices in the chemical industries to deal with specific challenges along the supply chain. 

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Industry Fact Sheet: How our global cloud-based logistics platform supports logistics processes of the chemical industry

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Best-practice solutions for the chemical industries:

This logistics bid invitation process is simple and successful – a method by which you can procure freight services at a moment’s notice, achieving the best freight rates with lower admin costs.
With our Tendering solution you can set up a pool with reliable & high quality carriers: More than 16.500 chemicals-certified carriers are connected to our tendering platform. The carriers are equipped with liquid bulk, dry bulk, packaged goods, ISO containers, etc. and can be clustered by certification (e.g. ADR/ HAZMAT, SQAS, CFATS, ACC).

With our flexible transport assignment solution you can cut transportation costs with day-by-day assignment method via 'best carrier': Send transport order to a closed pool of carriers, receive offers, make comparisons, and with a mouse click select the one with the best price-performance ratio. Within this assignment solution you get full price visibility & control by receiving itemized offers from carriers (e.g., separate prices for pumps and an extra set of hoses).
Transporeon also offers 'no-touch order' method for automatic assignment of the order to a specified carrier. The system sends in this case the transport order to a carrier based on pre-set criteria such as freight rate.
Many additional administration functions enables digitization of your processes, such as managing relevant shipment documents. Using our surcharge management solution, you can easily and efficiently manage your surcharges with digital and structured processes to lower cost, simplify control, and ensure compliance.

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With our Time Slot Management, you get full transparency of your inbound and outbound flows. It creates a streamlined process for all involved and provides you optimal capacity utilization of your shipping.

In addition, you can handle complex loading logistics by using our specific features developed for chemical companies, i.e. managing material dependencies so that specific products (e.g. with physical restrictions) are not loaded in parallel. And the system automatically blocks loading racks if unexpected problems arise. The solution also allows dealing with compartments, e.g. automatically calculating within a time slot booking whether weighing is required between two compartment loads. In addition to that, you can manage health & safety-related checks with alerting functions (e.g. when a carrier cannot enter a site due to a failed vehicle safety check).

Our Mobile Order Management solution provides you real-time statuses and digital shipment documents during the end-to-end shipment journey. It calculates the estimated time of arrival for loading and unloading which enables optimal planning and resource coordination for you and your customers.
The platform also allows detailed ECTA code documentation which provides visibility for all involved parties (e.g., operators of external warehouses).
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Your benefits from our best-practice chemicals solutions...

  • Improve efficiency, productivity & cost through smooth, digital logistics processes
  • Ensure compliance with digital and centralized management of all transport-relevant documents
  • Increase competitive advantage by providing real-time information to your customers
  • Get a fast ROI and profit from best-practice cloud solutions developed for top chemical companies

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Today, all important data are visible and uniformly regulated across Europe. And, as a bonus, our freight costs on certain routes have reduced by more than 10%.

Supply Chain Manager
Chemical Production Company

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