Traffic jams naturally still occur but we can be active in a timely manner before arrival and inform our customers as soon as a delay is reported – a service that goes down very well with customers.

Head of Freight Management,
Building Materials Company

Smart logistics solutions are a great fit for the building materials industry

Logistics costs are an important factor for building materials manufacturers. It is also increasingly important to ensure high levels of delivery quality and customer service. A particular challenge when shipping building materials is just-in-time delivery, for example to large construction sites where space is often extremely limited and loading conditions constantly change. Customers need reliable notification of each delivery and proactive updates in the event of any delay. Added to this, building materials manufacturers are under pressure to optimize costs and achieve competitive edge.

All of these challenges can be solved with efficient, future-oriented logistics. With the right digital solution, shippers can achieve more efficient logistics processes and cut transport costs while also delivering better customer service. Large numbers of specialist carrier partners are integrated in the Transporeon transportation network, and we can provide you with unique insight into supply chain best practices in the building materials industry - key reasons why our logistics platform is used by around 150 of the world's largest building materials companies.

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Industry Fact Sheet: How our global cloud-based logistics platform supports logistics processes of the building material industry

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Best-practice solutions for the building materials industry

With our Tendering solution you can set up a pool with reliable & high quality carriers: More than 19.500 building materials-specialized carriers are connected to our tendering platform. The carriers have the right know-how and relevant experience in the building materials industry plus the required specialist equipment.

As conditions in the building materials sector are highly dynamic, we provide flexible assignment solutions.
Day-by-day assignment via ‘best-carrier’: Send the transport order to a closed pool of carriers, receive offers, make comparisons, and with a mouse click select the one with the best price-performance ratio.
Assignment based on fixed freight rates via ‘no-touch order’: Automatic assignment of the transport order to one carrier based on pre-set criteria.
Read more on how to develop and implement a successful transport assignment strategy in the building materials industry.

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With our Time Slot Management you get full transparency of your inbound and outbound flows. It creates a streamlined process for all involved and provides you optimal capacity utilization of your shipping.
The solution includes real-time information on each delivery with estimated time of arrival and automatic alerts if anything changes, e.g., if a delivery time slot will be missed.

Our Mobile Order Management solution provides you real-time statuses and digital shipment documents during the end-to-end shipment journey. It calculates the estimated time of arrival for loading and unloading which enables optimal planning and resource coordination for you and your customers. Digital shipment documents are available in real time, e.g., photo documentation to determine correct silo set up or the condition that a construction site was left in. This solution enables you to Improve levels of customer service and customer loyalty with proactivity and faster complaints handling, e.g., when goods are damaged.
Learn more about how to improve customer service in logistics with real-time information

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Industry Insight

Smart logistics solutions are a great fit for the building materials industry

Read the Insight and learn how you achieve more efficient logistics processes, better freight rates, improved customer service, and increasing competitive edge.

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Your benefits from our best-practice building materials solutions...

  • Improve efficiency & productivity through smooth, digital logistics processes
  • Increase customer satisfaction by proactively providing information
  • Optimize costs through fully automated processes
  • Get a fast ROI and profit from best-practice cloud solutions developed for top building materials companies

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"It is good to know with hindsight exactly what went wrong. But I'm much more interested in knowing what is happening in the moment. I want to know at every point in time where my goods are and whether they will arrive puntually."

Head of Freight Management
Building Materials Company

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