History of Transporeon Group

graphic 1999

The same Fall in which the first music file sharing service Napster started and the whole world was intoxicated with the new economy and dot-com boomfour students in Ulm decided to go into business for themselves after graduation.

A few days after their final examination, friends Axel Busch, Peter Förster, Roland Hötzl and Marc-Oliver Simon founded the start-up company Transporeon. The name comes from "transport" and the Greek word "emporeon" (emporium).

logo 2000
icon 2003

Transporeon's already established solutions for transport assignment are supplemented by a system for controlling loading and unloading on the dock. One of the first dock scheduling systems appears on the market.
College student Mark Zuckerberg launches a Facebook precursor.

The Ticontract platform for electronic logistics bid invitations arises from a customer project and becomes a spin-off of Transporeon. The team for the new platform locates its headquarters in Kemptenin the Allgäu region of southern Germany. Author Tim O' Reilly mentions the term Web 2.0 for the first time in an article.

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Transporeon expands and successfully implements projects in Austria and Poland. This is followed a year later by the founding of a subsidiary in Krakow for the business in Eastern Europe. Speculation in the media about a planned mobile phone by Apple grows stronger. 

The group of companies rises to the level of European market leader and is now successfully active also in Benelux, France, Great Britain and Italy. The 70 employees are happy about the nomination for the German Business Founder Award. Over 3.7 million iPhones are sold in their first year.

graphic 2007

To cover the specific requirements for delivery control at the retail warehouse and distribution center, a new platform appears under the umbrella of the group of companies. The dock scheduling offshoot is called Mercareon.
The Internet phenomenon of the year is called Twitter and has a monthly growth rate of 1400%.

The Transporeon Group passes the mark of 150 employees, more than doubling in size over three years. Ticontract is expanded by adding rate management and Transporeon by the new add-on for SAP. The first iPad appears on the market, through which Apple revolutionizes the market yet again.

graphic 2010
icon 2011

Transporeon is honored by Deloitte with the Technology Fast 50 Awards and ranks 27th among the fastest growing companies in the technology industry in Germany. International projects are implemented in the USA, Russia and China, an office is opened in Philadelphia.

More globalization steps follow: The Transporeon Group has nearly 250 employees and establishes offices and companies in Singapore and Moscow. New functions of the Transporeon platform are aimed at transparency for the consignee and the integration of transport documents. Facebook reaches 1 billion users worldwide.

graphic 2012
2013 icon

Ticontract expands the portfolio by adding freight auditing, credit processes and benchmarking. Transporeon develops its first app and now enables its customers to have Mobile Order Management. The number of employees doubles again within 3 years, the double-digit growth in turnover continues. Users now come from 80 countries.

The Mercareon platform expands its range of services by adding an evaluation module for manufacturers that supply retailers. Ticontract awakens customers' enthusiasm with combinatorial optimization, Transporeon relies on telematics solutions and mobile services. According to market researcher Gartner, the worldwide turnover from business software used "as a service" over the Internet is predicted to rise to 21.3 billion dollars by the end of the year.

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