Head of Projects

My journey at Transporeon Group

Name: Jan R.
Position: Head of Projects
At Transporeon Group since: 2010

By the end of 2009 I was looking for a job opportunity here in the most wonderful city in the world, my hometown, Ulm. At that point in time it was not easy, as only a few companies were hiring new employees due to the uncertain future and the economic crisis. Honestly I had not heard anything about Transporeon so far, but they were looking for an IT Project Manager with French skills. I did not use my French for 10 years and I remember the most horrible telephone interview in my life with one of the Key Account Managers. In French …

I somehow passed that test, maybe due to the glass of French red wine I had for the preparation, and started working for Transporeon in February 2010.

I loved the job from day one and I did not regret my decision so far! Dealing with customers like Coca-Cola, Michelin or Volkswagen combined with wonderful colleagues and the very familiar atmosphere … Time flies when you are having fun!

After 1,5 years I was promoted and became one of the Team Leaders within the Projects department. Due to organizational changes and the fast growth of Transporeon the position of the Head of Projects became vacant and, instead of hiring an external candidate with more experience in leadership, the management trusted me and I took over the responsibility for the Projects department in January 2012. At that time we were about 30 people within Projects, now we have grown up to 60 spread across five locations and without and end in sight! To quote one of our colleagues from the Krakow office, “sky is the limit”!

The reasons why I like my work at Transporeon Group:

I like the daily challenges and career opportunities that this company can provide their motivated and enthusiastic employees!

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