Getting on board as a Youngster

Looking for a long-term career?

Become part of our team, and we can shape our future together.
We always have room for clever minds and motivated team players.

Do you have some work experience, or are you a student, in search of a training position or have recently completed your university studies?

Then join our team, start your career path or continue your career path with us.

Career youngsters
  • CLIMBING THE CAREER LADDER | At our company, you can climb the career ladder, expand your abilities in our training and language courses and further your own personal development

  • WORKING INTERNATIONALLY | Do you want to work internationally? Our global Locations are in Europe, Asia and the US, and you will work with colleagues from all over the world in our teams

  • PENSION PLAN| We think about the future. For this reason, we support you with a pension plan and various forms of insurance

  • EXPERIENCING TEAMWORK | At our company, you will experience teamwork . We place value on a pleasant working environment and teamwork, both at our company parties and during a game of football at lunch…

  • WORK-LIFE BALANCE | Flexible working times in many departments allow you to strike a balance between your work and personal life.

  • CELEBRATING SUCCESS | We spend time with one another and celebrate our successes together. We have tons of fun at our team events and summer & holiday parties

Our work areas

AS A TRAINEE | We offer the following vocational training programs: Commercial personnel for the Management or Marketing Communication office, industrial IT specialists for system integration or for application development, etc.

AS A STUDENT | We offer thesis work, internships and work-study jobs (in all areas or in a starting position as a junior software developer right after graduation, as a linguist for our support team or in one of our other departments).

FIRST WORK EXPERIENCE | Product enthusiasts as SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS| IT landscape managers as SYSTEM ADMINSTATORS| Creative heroes in MARKETING| Customer advocates on the PROJECT TEAM| Organizers in the ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENTS| Customer support representatives and talented linguists on the SUPPORT TEAM| Number crunchers in the FINANCE DEPARTMENT | Sales geniuses on the SALES TEAM| Career scouts on the HR TEAM.


Where do I go from here? 

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM | Do you have some work experience and are wondering where to go from here? The Transporeon Academy offers programs that allow you to continue your professional development. We offer various professional development opportunities such as language and communications courses and also support you in your individual personal and professional development

OPPORTUNITIES FOR ADVANCEMENT | Due to our rapid growth and constant demand for personnel, there are many opportunities for advancement within the Transporeon Group. We are happy to provide our employees with opportunities for advancement, whether they are in managerial positions or specialists in a specific field