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  • Driving efficiencies in logistics
    Why digitize your logistics management? To drive efficiencies such as lower costs and higher productivity with real-time visibility, process automation, and our one-web-plug simplicity -- we offer a singular shipper connection to a world of carriers.
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Headquartered in Philadelphia for its Americas operations, TRANSPOREON Group offers 3 SaaS based logistics platforms: TRANSPOREON for transportation management; TICONTRACT for e-sourcing, procurement and freight bill auditing; MERCAREON for retail specific dock scheduling.

These 3 platforms currently link over 1,000 shippers, 65,000 carriers and 100,000 users in over 100 countries. TRANSPOREON’s efficient, user-friendly Web-based solutions facilitate RFP management, load tendering, dock scheduling and real-time mobile tracking and tracing. Established in 2000 in Germany,
TRANSPOREON’s platforms successfully serve customers in North America ranging from mid-sized to blue chip. 

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  • Benefits of Working with TRANSPOREON Group:

  • Proven ROI with proven methodology
  • Cloud-based Software
  • Customer driven solutions
  • Cost savings through efficiency gains
  • Increased transparency of carrier performance
  • Plattform and Customer Service available in 23 languages

This is how we optimize logistics processes:

Platforms of the TRANSPOREON Group

Ankommen Drankommen

The Logistics Efficienator.

TRANSPOREON simplifies all processes found in transportation and logistics.

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Ankommen Drankommen

E-Sourcing simplified.

TICONTRACT is the leading online platform for freight tendering and freight cost management.

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Ankommen Drankommen

The Retail Efficienator.

MERCAREON optimizes inbound goods processes in the retail sector.

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Successful Market Leader

450 Employees

Number of Employees working for the TRANSPOREON Group

100000 Users

Number of global Users working with our plattforms

100 Countries

Number of countries where our solutions are used
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