• ++CANCELLED++Logistics Community Meeting 2017
    The LOGISTICS COMMUNITY MEETING is a one-day event comprising multiple individual meetings between shippers and carriers, focused on supply and demand in European road transportation. + + Please note that registration is not free of charges + +
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Logistics Community Meeting | November 9, 2017

To create perfect meetings between carriers providing specific offerings and shippers requiring these services, we arrange a two-way 'matching' process well in advance of the event itself.

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Shippers (manufacturers, suppliers, retailers)  Carriers (logistics & transportation service providers, 3 PL, freight forwarders)

Both sides use a criteria catalog to choose the companies they would like to meet and weight their selection via a personal ranking. These rankings are then used to create perfectly matched meetings between the two parties. Every participant can hold up to 12 meetings during this one-day event.

The main goal of the Logistics Community Meeting is to bring shippers and carriers together at one table, for highly efficient meetings and potential future partnerships. It's the perfect event format if you are a manufacturer, supplier or retailer looking for carriers that suit your requirements, or a logistics and transportation service provider, 3PL or freight forwarder looking for new customers that need your range of services. Register now for this unique event and meet your new partners in European road transportation.

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