Implementing Transporeon´s Time Slot Management reduced waiting times for loading and unloading from an average of 3-4 hours to an average of just one hour.

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We are able to provide unique insight into best practices in the FMCG industries

Companies that are operating in today’s FMCG industries face many challenges. The supply chain is characterized by seasonality issues, uneven distribution of truck arrivals, orders on short notice, and special requirements such as returning empties to beverage producers. Making certain food and beverages items available year-round and keeping them fresh are other challenges for the FMCG supply chain. All of this creates massive complexities in logistics management.
With a large number of partners integrated into our transportation cloud, we are able to provide unique insight into best practices in the FMCG industries, helping you to deal with specific supply chain challenges.

Industry Fact Sheet: How our global cloud-based logistics platform supports logistics processes of the FMCG industry

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Best-practice solutions for the FMCG industries:

This logistics bid invitation process is simple and successful – a method by which you can procure freight services at a moment’s notice, achieving the best freight rates with lower admin costs.

With our Tendering solution you can set up a pool with reliable & high quality carriers: More than 20,500 FMCG-specialized carriers are connected to our tendering platform. The carriers have the right know-how and relevant experience in the FMCG industry plus the required specialist equipment (e.g. refrigerated trucks, trucks for liquid / powdered goods) and can be clustered by certification (e.g. ISO 22000).

As conditions in the FMCG sector are highly dynamic, we provide flexible assignment solutions.

Very fast, day-by-day assignment via ´best-carrier´: Send the transport order to a closed pool of carriers, receive offers, make comparisons, and with a mouse click select the one with the best price-performance ratio. And assignment based on fixed freight rates via ´no-touch order´: Automatic assignment of the transport order to one carrier based on pre-set criteria.

Increase efficiencies with our fully integrated time slot management solution, including specific features for the FMCG & beverage industry:
The driver registration portal can be used for automatic handling of the driver registrations. The solution is usable on touch-screens and connected to the time slot management system. As soon as driver registered, the time slot status changed. With the light-login you can integrate your self-collectors into the processes. The carriers can book a time slot for one specific order without being registered on the platform. The solution also supports management of return of empties with automatic link generation which allows the use to instantly book a time slot for returning empties. And our beverage portal improves the cooperation between FMCG shippers and beverage wholesalers.

Our Mobile Order Management solution provides you real-time statuses and digital shipment documents during the end-to-end shipment journey. It calculates the estimated time of arrival for loading and unloading which enables optimal planning and resource coordination for you and your customers. This solution enables you to Improve levels of customer service and customer loyalty with proactivity and faster complaints handling. The detailed reporting and dashboard functionalities enable constant performance improvements.
The interface to our retail-specific Mercareon platform improves transparency between FMCG shippers and their retail customers. The shipper receives real-time information of the delivery at the retail customer to improve delivery quality and customer service.

Your benefits from our best-practice FMCG solutions...

  • Improve efficiency, productivity & cost through smooth, digital logistics processes
  • Increase customer satisfaction by proactively providing information
  • Optimize costs through fully automated processes
  • Get a fast ROI and profit from best-practice cloud solutions developed for top FMCG companies

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Fundamental reasons for choosing Transporeon were the speed and simplicity of implementation and the fact that this solution fits perfectly into our business processes

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