Our management

Marc-Oliver Simon, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Marc-Oliver studied Industrial Engineering at university of applied science Neu-Ulm and university of applied science Ulm. His international experience he got at University of México D.F. and at Lincoln University, Christchurch (New Zealand). Directly after his final degree in August 2000 he founded together with former fellow students Transporeon GmbH in Ulm. They developed the in the today europewide leading  internet logistics platform Transporeon, which is focused on optimal completion of operational processes in the transportation logistics. At Transporeon Group Marc-Oliver is today as Managing Director responsible for different strategic initiatives.

marc oliver simon
Ahmet Arslan

Ahmet Arslan, Chief Development & Engineering Officer (CDEO)

Pragmatic and forward-looking, Ahmet has been contributing to the success of the Group since he joined Transporeon in 2003. 

Passionate about his role as Chief Development & Engineering Officer, he ensures scalable, reliable high-performance platforms for the Transporeon Group. His highest priorities are availability, confidentiality and integrity, and he aims to help customers achieve greater success. With his teams, he focuses on building innovative cloud products across the logistics supply chain to deliver the best possible customer experience at every touch point. 

Ahmet has overall responsibility for all platforms and IT operation, information security, software development and information management. He is a firm believer in continuous improvement and collaborative teamwork, stating “We are one team”.

Thomas Einsiedler, Chief Product Officer (CPO)

Along with sales and logistics expertise, active listening is one of Thomas’ particular skills. He believes that you can learn something new from every discussion; the trick is merely to be curious and interested. So it is very unlikely that you will find Thomas and his team talking too much about features and functions. Instead, you will probably notice they are asking questions and listening carefully before considering how to meet customer needs and developing appropriate new products and services.

Thomas is in regular contact with many customers and with all parts of the Transporeon Group – particularly sales, operations and development – in order to translate needs into product capabilities. While he recognizes the profound benefits of digitalization, he also retains a personal, human approach: “For certain topics, it’s essential to use the telephone or better still arrange a face-to-face meeting”. 

thomas einsiedler
leander kling

Leander Kling, Founder and Managing Director of Mercareon

Leander Kling began his career at Siemens AG, where he was a Sales Manager for IT solutions and worked with key accounts involved in trade and industry.

From 2005 to 2008 he was a Key Account Manager at Transporeon, responsible for acquiring and looking after new customers as well as project management with the focus on both time slot management and loading management. In September 2008 Kling joined Transporeon as a Product Manager with responsibility for the development and expansion of the new Mercareon platform. When Mercareon was established as a spin-off in 2010, Leander King became Head of Sales with responsibility for the further development of the Mercareon platform. He has been Managing Director of Mercareon GmbH since 2011. 

Stephan Kniewasser, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Stephan is the type of person who relishes new challenges. Recently appointed to the position of Chief Financial Officer for the Transporeon Group, he brings 20 years of professional experience in finance and technology, particularly in both media and software as well as in private equity environments. Previously, he was CFO of TeamViewer, which focuses on cloud-based technologies that enable global online remote support and collaboration.

“I am looking forward to driving and supporting the discussions on future directions and growth plans,” says Stephan, adding that Transporeon is in an extremely strong financial position, backed by TPG Capital, one of the leading global technology investors.

Open-minded and a strong team player, Stephan is committed to forward momentum in business and he enjoys a reputation for making things happen. He is a strong addition to the Transporeon management team, acting as a true business partner to his colleagues and helping the organization to scale.


Laurent Le Mercier, Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Connecting our community of customers – shippers and carriers – to our platform is our priority, enabling customers to leverage the power of our technology and the scale of our community. Beyond technological connections, a key mission of the entire operations team is to familiarize customers with the ease of use and capabilities of the Transporeon marketplace. This ensures that shippers and carriers fully benefit from the efficiencies and optimization of our suite of products and services.

Convinced that technology will be the next revolution in the supply chain world, Laurent has a strong background in supply chain with experience in industries ranging from automotive, steel and FMCG to retail across multiple geographies. He believes that satisfying our customers is at the heart of what we do every day, and the operations team adds value by collaborating closely with customers to boost their performance and drive innovation. 

Martin Mack, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

As our Chief Technology Officer, Martin has already spent almost a decade at Transporeon working deep in the technical detail of our solutions. He leads a team of highly experienced and dedicated specialists whose “collective intelligence” enables the group’s platforms and the provision of related technical services. 

Adding value starts with discussing and understanding customer needs. While focusing on the technical excellence of our solutions, Martin and his team seek to achieve optimal, often unique combinations of our offerings with the aim of addressing and answering specific customer challenges. He believes in the power of continuous and sustainable improvement, and therefore recommends a stepwise approach to solution design, project implementation, and go-live. Martin is also mindful of the importance of our services and so he works with Transporeon experts to resolve technical issues as quickly as possible. 

martin mack
peter schmidt

Peter Schmidt, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

'Make customer benefits the focus of all your activities and you’ll be successful.' This maxim accompanies Peter Schmidt on a daily basis at the Transporeon Group. In his role as Chief Commercial Officer, he’s responsible for the strategy and direction of the global sales and marketing organization, and he leads this team with energy and integrity. As well as urging his colleagues to place customers at the heart of day-to-day endeavors, he also encourages sharing ideas for continuous improvement. 

Peter regularly meets with customers, seeking out every opportunity to discuss their requirements for the digitalization of logistics processes and identify best-fit Transporeon solutions. Prior to joining the Group, Peter’s career spanned 20 years of international management roles with other leading software companies. Most recently, he was Adobe’s Managing Director and Vice President of Adobe Systems, responsible for business in Central Europe, Russia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.