Who we are

The Transporeon Group links manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers with logistics service providers. Headquartered in Philadelphia for its Americas operations, Transporeon Group offers 3 SaaS based logistics platforms:

Transporeon for transportation management; Ticontract for e-sourcing, procurement and freight bill auditing; Mercareon for retail specific dock scheduling.

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  • Transporeon Group
  • Ulm, Kempten, Berlin, Krakow, Paris, Singapore, Moskow, Philadelphia
  • Platforms of the Group: Transporeon, Ticontract, Mercareon
  • Employees (Transporeon Group, 2018): 600
  • Founded: 2000
  • Office Locations in 16 Countries
  • Platform and Support Languages: 25
  • Number of connected Industry & Retail Companies: 1000
  • Number of connected Carriers: 65,000
  • Number of connected Countries: 100

Code of Conduct of Transporeon Group

For Transporeon compliance is the base of our daily work as well as a prerequisite of our business success

The Transporeon Group is committed to comply with all applicable regulations as well as to meet all requirements on an ethical behavior in business. Our aim is to be economically successful, thereby maintaining a high degree of integrity and fulfilling our social responsibility. All employees, managers, our business partners and customers may be confident that our work is characterized by professionalism, reliability and fairness.In order to achieve these goals, we have group wide binding ethical rules that guide us in our dealings. These serve as an orientation and guideline for decisions and actions of the company as well as for each individual.

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