Success Story Karolin


Name: Karolina Z.
Position: 2nd Level Customer Care Team Leader
At TRANSPOREON Group since: 2009


When I applied for Customer Care Specialist at TRANSPOREON, I was still a student at Commodity science. I was attracted by the advertisement – international company operating in logistics branch. Partly it matched my educational background, as logistics is an integral part of production processes.

Content of my job was to reply to customers’ requests and help them solve their problems on the platform. Sounds like a demanding job, but not to me. The more complicated requests, the more I enjoyed it! My team leader realized this trait of mine as well as my technical drive and assigned me more technical tasks. To get some more expertise I was delegated to Project team for three months. I got there very intensive training on our products’ settings. This is how I became informal 2nd level support in the Customer Care team. It was a breakthrough that started further changes.

At that time Customer Care team in Krakow grew so big, that it needed a split into two smaller teams. And I became a deputy of team leader in one of those teams.

After some time there was another organizational change in our department. A result was that 2nd level Customer Care became a separate team, for which I was nominated as a team leader.

The reasons why I like my work at TRANSPOREON Group:

I enjoy running my team. Although it was developed from the scratch, now we are perceived as professionals. I also like the atmosphere a lot. Especially when we have a rough day ahead, I know as a team we can make it! I also appreciate the fact that the company gets more and more structured. It gives my team and myself a clear sense of responsibility, influence and security in our tasks and processes.



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