With Transporeon our waiting times have been reduced by 30%, and truck turnaround times have been shortened to around 50 minutes.

Head of Logistics,
Metal & Steel Company

The metal and steel industry needs efficient shipment processes and reliable carriers

For many shippers in the metal and steel industry, transportation consumes a disproportionate chunk of the budget. And because customers, particularly those in the automotive industry, often depend on just-in-time delivery to dovetail with production or construction schedules, they don’t tolerate missed transportation deadlines and are frustrated by poor transportation visibility. Added to this, deliveries of raw materials in high volumes contribute to uncontrolled flows, traffic congestion at each location, and more complicated complaints procedures.
With this extreme sensitivity to transportation cost, timing, and complexity, the metal and steel industry in particular needs efficient shipment processes and reliable carriers. Digitization of logistics processes is a valuable opportunity for shippers to reduce transportation costs, improve efficiency, and increase customer service with real-time information. It is also a highly effective response to the current challenges of unexpected fluctuations, shrinking margins, just-in-time deliveries, and intensifying cost pressure.
With a large number of partners integrated into our transportation cloud, we are able to provide a unique insight into supply chain best practices in the metal and steel industry.

Industry Fact Sheet: How our global cloud-based logistics platform supports logistics processes of the metal & steel industry

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Best-practice solutions for the metal & steel industry

This logistics bid invitation process is simple and successful – a method by which you can procure freight services at a moment’s notice, achieving the best freight rates with lower admin costs.

With our Tendering solution you can set up a pool with reliable & high quality carriers: More than 19.000 steel-specialized carriers are connected to our tendering platform. The carriers have the right know-how and relevant experience in the metal & steel industry plus the required specialist Equipment.

Cut transportation & administration costs with our flexible transport assignment solutions:
Day-by-day assignment via ‘best carrier’:
Send the transport order to a closed pool of carriers, receive offers, make comparisons & with a mouse click select the one with the best price-performance ratio.

Assignment based on fixed freight rates via ‘no-touch order’:
Automatic assignment of the transport order to one carrier based on pre-set criteria.

Reduce waiting & turnaround times, ensuring just-in-time deliveries using our Time Slot Management solution. As well as managing your outbound flows, this also manages inbound flows of raw materials (e.g., scrap metal):
The solution includes management of quantity contracts and amounts (e.g., aligned with daily, weekly or monthly quotas). You, your suppliers & carriers get an overview of current delivery quotas which allows you to achieve controlled delivery of the right goods at the right time & place to avoid traffic jams & waiting vehicles.

Our Mobile Order Management solution provides you real-time statuses and digital shipment documents during the end-to-end shipment journey. It calculates the estimated time of arrival for loading and unloading which enables optimal planning and resource coordination for you and your customers. The solution automatically informs your recipients about any delivery delay or when a truck is approaching the delivery destination. Ensure end-to-end tracking & the safe arrival of all items in the right place at the agreed time, in perfect condition.

Your benefits from our best-practice metal & steel solutions...

  • Improve efficiency, productivity & cost through smooth, digital logistics processes
  • Optimize conditions at your own sites by ensuring controlled, well-ordered truck arrival
  • Increase competitive advantage by providing real-time information to your customers
  • Get a fast ROI and profit from best-practice cloud solutions developed for top metal & steel companies

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We are now able to assess the quality of the carriers objectively. After all, the satisfaction of our customers depends on timely deliveries.

Head of Logistics 
Metal & Steel Company

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