Who we are

The Transporeon Group links manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers with logistics service providers. Headquartered in Philadelphia for its Americas operations, Transporeon Group offers 3 SaaS based logistics platforms:

Transporeon for transportation management; Ticontract for e-sourcing, procurement and freight bill auditing; Mercareon for retail specific dock scheduling.

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Data & Facts

  • Transporeon Group
  • Ulm, Kempten, Berlin, Krakow, Paris, Singapore, Moskow, Philadelphia
  • Platforms of the Group: Transporeon, Ticontract, Mercareon
  • Employees (Transporeon Group, 2018): 600
  • Founded: 2000
  • Footprint: Office Locations in 16 Countries
  • Platform and Support Languages: 25
  • Number of connected Industry & Retail Companies: 1000
  • Number of connected Carriers: 65,000
  • Number of connected Countries:100
  • Number of Users: 100,000